Crisp Sheets, with its headquarters in Amsterdam, is a young and fast-growing lifestyle company established in 2014.
It started with a question; ‘where to find bed sheets that match our taste?’ It seemed impossible to find sheets that share three key features: modern design, high quality and an affordable price.
It also felt like a missed opportunity to ignore our bedroom in a time where spend so much attention to our home interior. We hang art on our walls when our bed covers at least 4 square meters of the bedroom. Especially when you come to think of the fact that we spend approximately 1/4 of our life in bed.
Our bedding is made of 100% high quality soft cotton and is woven with a special technique to ensure the soft touch, as if you just made your bed. All prints are hand painted with watercolor and digitally edited.
Next to bedding, we also offer a large range of paper goods such as posters, postcard and notebooks.